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One can envision being in a garden in Japan when visiting this unique restaurant. Once your car is whisked away by the valet and you cross the bridge over the koi fishpond, you feel you are somewhere far away from México; this is where East meets México.

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A bougainvillea tree has been shaped into a bonsai dwarf sprouting blossoms of peach and white, likened to a cherry blossom. A wooden paddle wheel gives a soothing whooshing sound of water. For seating, choose either the air-conditioned dining room with a glass floor showcasing a Zen garden below, or the Japanese garden that has been lovingly tended by the owner.
Plaza Nautica, Blvd. Marina, Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S
Phone: (624) 143 4038 / 143 4267
Email: loscabos@daikoku.com.mx